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Excursion duration 6 Days
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  • Extended program for real "stalkers"
  • Maximizing your impressions
  • 6 days of traveling back in time
  • Nights in Chernobyl
  • Dosimetric control
This tour has already been visited: 93
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Ukraine is currently experiencing a real tourist boom to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which is not surprising, following the release of mini-series “Chernobyl” by HBO. The world has finally seen that the Zone is indeed a unique place on Earth.

This six-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone will open the Zone to you with top-secret information from our guides. During these six days, you will get the opportunity to explore the ghost towns of Pripyat and Chernobyl by yourself and it is not a secret that the Exclusion Zone has a lot of fascinating places.

To boost your interest, let us tell you some facts that will definitely convince you that this six-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone should be in your must-do list!

The Zone is famous for the perfectly smooth roads. High-quality asphalt pavement has been laid to avoid the scattering of radioactive waste transported in trucks.

In the first months after the tragedy, the military killed all the animals that were in the Exclusion Zone at the time. However, the complete killing of animals didn’t stop them from flourishing there. Imagine, the diversity and population of animals is nearly the same as in the world’s most famous national parks and reserves.

By and large, a six-day trip to the Exclusion Zone is not just an informative excursion concerning the most dreadful human-induced catastrophe in the history of the world. It is also a great adventure, because you get to actually live in the Exclusion Zone for six days!

Pripyat Ferris Wheel 5
Pripyat Ukraine
Duga Woodpecker
Chernobyl-2 Duga Building inside -12
Hotel Polissya- 5
Chernobyl Vehicle Graveyard 6
Chernobyl-2 Duga Building inside -9
Chernobyl-2 Duga Building inside - 2
Chernobyl Abandoned Port
Chernobyl village
+ Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour
Price: $180

See nuclear missiles with the range of 11,000 km and the flight time to the United States of 24 minutes.

See largest in the world intercontinental ballistic missile Satan. 3 meters in diameter 34,3 m length, 211.4 tons weight

See missiles that carried 10 nuclear bombs and could cover 200 000 square kilometers

See missile launch facility

Get inside nuclear missile launch control point

Get inside Сommand post 45 meters deep under the ground

See what is left of 3rd nuclear potential in the world

See real soviet bombers and fighters

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+ Tours to Hostomel, Ukraine
Price: $200
  • - Hostomel, Ukraine
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+ Tours to Irpin, Ukraine
Price: $200
  • - Irpin, Ukraine
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+ Tours to Bucha, Ukraine
Price: $200
  • - Bucha, Ukraine
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+ Chernobyl NPP Tour
Price: $149

Chernobyl nuclear power plant tours have become a popular tourist destination due to the apocalyptic looks of the area and the atmosphere of silence.


Locations: Full info
+ Pripyat Tour
Price: $149

Pripyat has become extremely popular tourist destination, and many choose to book tours to Pripyat to see the town with their own eyes.

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+ Chernobyl HBO series Tour
Price: $180

We have created a special tour for visitors called “HBO Chernobyl” with the locations from the movie.

  • - The fire station (the place from where the first firemen went to liquidate the fire)
  • - The legendary Bridge of Death
  • - The city of Pripyat, where almost all the places from the movie can be visited
  • - Nuclear Power Plant
  • - Listen to the true stories about the explosion
  • - Visit left homes
  • - Walk through the town and feel the atmosphere of Chernobyl itself
Full info
+ Chernobyl 1 day tour
Price: $150

The one-day trip gives you the opportunity to immerse into the exact same area where the most dreadful disaster took place. The radiation background is still excessively high in some places, but we offer you a safe route through this dire Zone, together with necessary protection equipment.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 2 day tour
Price: $200

The two-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone opens for you the door to this unique place. In this short time, you will get not only the tour around Chernobyl nuclear power plant and Pripyat town, but also the exclusive experience to spend the night in an empty town. This is definitely the deepest dive into the history of the drastic disaster.

Locations: Full info