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Pripyat Morgue in Chernobyl

morgue in pripyat

One of the eeriest, frightening, and mysterious places in all of Chernobyl is the local morgue. Every room in the building has a direct connection with the terrible events that took place on April 26, 1986.

Hospital Complex of the Medical and Sanitary Unit No. 126

The hospital of the Medical Unit No. 126 (Medical and Sanitary Unit) occupies a significant part of the first microdistrict of the town of Pripyat. These buildings are directly related to the tragedy of 1986. On the night of the accident ambulances brought injured, irradiated and doomed people to the hospital. There is also a large basement on the territory of the building. The equipment of firefighters arriving here after extinguishing the fire was dropped into it.

The high degree of preservation of the medical infrastructure, coupled with the specifics of the architectural design of the building (even in the daytime there is dim light), led to the emergence of a post-apocalyptic image of the interior. Some of the chambers and rooms of the MSCh-126 are ideal for filming sci-fi thrillers on the subject of post-apocalypse. In the buildings of the hospital and the clinic itself, there is much medical equipment left, but there is also something to see in the morgue in Prypyat. Syringes, ampoules, medical chairs, beds, medicines, mattresses are still in their places.

How Does Prypyat Morgue Look Like?

Pripyat morgue is a small building that you can hardly see behind the trees. It doesn’t have any signs on it. It was built right between Pripyat hospital 126 and an old cemetery. This location is available only on multiday and private tours as long as it is located aside from the main routes. The background radiation in the morgue in Prypyat is within normal limits. Although entering buildings is prohibited, you can see a lot through the windows and doors.

It is a small one-story building with many rooms. The premises contain various equipment and tools, where medical experts work with corpses. The inside of the building looks very creepy. All around are gray walls with peeling paint, the smell of dampness, and rot.

The Prypyat morgue is one of the few abandoned morgues in Europe that is possible to visit these days. But being here is very uncomfortable. The place itself has a mysterious and frightening atmosphere.

Autopsy tables, bottles with chemicals, and with human samples – those are just some of the things you can find there. There was also a journal with medical records: names of people, age, and reason of death. The place is pretty creepy, however, adds a lot to the whole image of life in Pripyat before the accident.

In general, the Prypyat morgue MSCh-126, so to speak, is quite a worthy place to visit for adrenaline lovers. The building undoubtedly adds a dark color to the hospital complex of an abandoned city due to a man-made disaster. You can see Pripyat Morgue with your own eyes with our exclusive Chernobyl tours.

Pripyat Morgue 2
Pripyat Morgue 3
morgue in prypiat inside
morgue in prypiat inside 2

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