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How safe are Chernobyl Visits?

Visiting Chernobyl
1 hours flight

After more than 30 years that passed since the plant explosion, visiting Chernobyl is safer than ever before. The radiation dose you get during one day spent inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone is equal to a natural radiation level around. That dose is 300 times less than the entire X-ray scanning of your body at the hospital. Saying in numbers, you’ll get 3-4 µSv of gamma rays, which is an absolutely harmless radiation dose. Most likely, a regular flight will make you get more radiation than one day in Chernobyl could.

Photos of Chernobyl

Chernobyl Gas Mask
Toy in Chernobyl
Pripyat Morgue
classroom in prypiat school
Pripyat Piano Shop 2
police station in pripytat
Chernobyl Abandoned Port
police station pripytat
Chernobyl Duga Building inside-4
morgue in prypiat inside

Unique all inclusive tours

Chernobyl City Chernobyl 1 day tour $150
  • Time-saving tour
  • See more in short terms
  • Day of traveling back in time
  • Visiting Pripyat
  • Dosimetric control
more details
Angel of Chernobyl Chernobyl 2 day tour $200
  • Night in Chernobyl
  • Extended program
  • Day of traveling back in time
  • More time in Pripyat
  • Dosimetric control
more details
Pripyat Amusement Park 10 Chernobyl 3 day tour $250
  • Nights in Chernobyl
  • Extended 3-day program
  • Time to see more
  • Dosimetric control
  • Much more time in Pripyat
more details
Chernobyl-2 Duga Building inside -9 Chernobyl 4 day tour $300
  • Extended 4-day program
  • Visiting exclusive locations
  • Unique routes
  • Dosimetric control
  • Days of traveling back in time
more details
Chernobyl-2 Duga Building inside - 2 Chernobyl 5 day tour $350
  • 5 Day of traveling back in time
  • Much more to see
  • Stalker experience
  • 4 Nights in Chernobyl
  • Dosimetric control
more details
Chernobyl Abandoned Port 2 Chernobyl 6 day tour $400
  • Extended program for real "stalkers"
  • Maximizing your impressions
  • 6 days of traveling back in time
  • Nights in Chernobyl
  • Dosimetric control
more details
Chernobyl Gas Mask Chernobyl Private Tour $800
  • Individual program
  • Only You and guide
  • Unique experience
  • Dosimetric control
  • Go "wherever you like"
more details

All inclusive tours to Chernobyl

transfer from/ to airport The company provides comfortable transferring services for tourists both from and to the airport in Kyiv.
allocation We take care of a comfortable hotel for you to spend nights.
dosimetric control Our specialists organize two dosimetry control sessions per day for your safety.
individual dosimeters You get a personal dosimeter for free when entering the Chernobyl exclusion zone
permits We take care of getting permits required to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
transport The company provides drivers and vehicles to transport the group during the trip.
guide work We have guides who can tell you more about different places in the Zone.
personalized route map The route of your trip can be customized if you want to see something special.
dinning There is an option to get tasty meals during the trip, and we take care of the delivery.


Where are you based?

Since 2015 our head office is located in United Kingdom and the second office in Kiev, Ukraine. In Ukraine we have full infrastructure to support each tourist.

How will I get to Chernobyl?

Getting to Chernobyl is easy nowadays. All you will need to do is to arrive in Kyiv, and that’s it. The rest is ours. Contact our managers for precise data about transport and addresses.

What does “unique all-inclusive tour” mean?

An all-inclusive Chernobyl tour means that our company provides you with all the necessary services: private transport from/to the airport in a comfortable car, hotel hosting, additional guided tours, etc. With us, you are all set.

What languages Chernobyl tours are held?

Chernobyl tours are held in English, and local languages. We speak English fluently, so you will not have issues with understanding. Additionally we are able to provide you with translator in your language as per your needs.

What season is the best for visiting Chernobyl?

It depends on your tastes. Every season means special charm and impressions you get from the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In spring, when everything is in blossom but without leaves yet, guests of the ghost town can see its buildings and make unique photos. In summer, the Zone is green and Pripyat looks like a real “jungle town” showing you the almighty nature. In autumn, the Zone is a bit dull and dark, delivering special emotions to tourists and contributing to the tense. And the Zone’s winter opens the real atmosphere of abandoned places for everyone and gives the chance to see local wildlife creatures like wolves and warthogs.

Are Chernobyl tours dangerous?

Tours to Chernobyl are not more dangerous than trips to any other place on the planet. The level of radiation is high only in certain areas. They are absent in the routes of tourist groups, or guests spend safe periods nearby them. To make sure that you will come back home healthy and happy, our specialists organize dosimeter control sessions twice a day. For a trip, you’ll get a respirator and a Geiger-Muller dosimeter for free.

Will I visit the Chernobyl power plant on my Chernobyl tour?

Yes, and that’s an excellent choice. A 3-hour tour around the plant is deep and informative as it is the only atomic power station in the world that’s not being used. You can visit the Chernobyl plant together with a group. In case of an individual tour, you will be able to see the plant for additional payment (159 euros for minimum of 2 persons).

Are gas mask or a respirator needed on Chernobyl tour?

No, you don’t need respirators or gas masks to spend time in Chernobyl, Pripyat, and neighborhood. Though, the company will provide you with a respirator for free when entering Chernobyl, so you could feel comfortable.

What amount of radiation will I get during the trip?

A dose of radiation you will get during one day spent in Chernobyl is equal to a natural radiation level in any other place around the world, or one hour spent in a plane flight. You’ll get 3-4 µSv of gamma rays. This dose is totally harmless. To compare, most power plants in different countries have their safety level for workers at 50-100 µSv per day.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for the entire tour while booking (with a credit card or Paypal), make a prepayment 25% of total price and pay the rest with cash or by card on the tour day, or you can pay the whole price in cash right inside the bus. No booking commissions or tour canceling fees will be taken. In case you paid for the tour in advance, we’ll give you a 100% money back if you cancel it at least 48 hours before the tour begins. Payments are available in UAH, GBP, or USD.

Can I take pictures during Chernobyl tour?

Yes, it is allowed to take photos and shoot videos during a trip. The only zones with photo and video limitation restrictions are the power plant from the spot closer than 200 m and security checkpoints. You can take pictures and videos on the special observation platform at the safe distance from the 4th power plant reactor (Shelter Structure). Amateur and professional camera tripods are also allowed in the Chernobyl Zone, so you can take your equipment. UAV drones can be launched there for additional payment, too (except restricted places). Please, contact our client support department to get additional data.

At what age can you visit Chernobyl tours?

Only persons at their 18 or older can visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This is a legal requirement.

Can I get to Chernobyl by my own vehicle/motorbike/bicycle?

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the area of special control. In most cases, it is allowed to use personal cars (busses) inside the zone. Unfortunately, all open vehicles like motorbikes and bicycles are forbidden.  In case you plan to visit the Zone by your car, please contact us.

How comfortable are hotels in Chernobyl?

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone hotels have their level of comfort at that of two-star hotels in Europe, however we have to admit, that hotels in Kiev are more comfortable and modern.
We can arrange you a room in any hotel in Kiev (as per your wish) or we can provide you with an option to rent comfortable new apartments close to the Metro station.
Our company can also arrange you a special transfer from the airport, from the apartments or from/to any point in the city.
We would be also glad to organize your breakfast, dinner or supper with catering service or order from any restaurant you choose.
All inquiries are accepted from our tourists and we are ready to assist you with your best memorable stay!

What documents are needed to visit Chernobyl?

To enter the Zone through security checkpoints, you`ll need either a valid passport or ID card. The most important thing is to take with you the same document as you mentioned when booking a tour. In case your passport number was changed after you registered it for your tour, please notify us at least one week before the trip. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Is visa required to visit Ukraine?

Residents of the following countries entering Ukraine for 90 days or less don’t need a visa: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea (South), Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Vatican, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uzbekistan.

In case your country is not on the list, a tourist visa to Ukraine is not difficult to get. You’ll receive an invitation automatically after booking a room in any Hotel in Kyiv. In any other case, please, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you with the invitation document to get a visa.

More info:

Can the tour be canceled?

The tour cancelation is possible only in emergency cases (like weather conditions physically not allowing to get into the Zone, accidents, or official state actions making it impossible, etc.).

What clothes should I wear to Chernobyl tour?

Every visitor is obliged to keep up with a dress-code: long-sleeved clothes and closed-up boots (you can’t enter the Zone in shorts, jerseys, flip flops, etc.). Our company also recommends choosing old clothes that can easily be washed or thrown away if needed: be ready for adventures!

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*When paying 100% bonuses are waiting for you
+ Chernobyl 1 day tour
Price: $150

The one-day trip gives you the opportunity to immerse into the exact same area where the most dreadful disaster took place. The radiation background is still excessively high in some places, but we offer you a safe route through this dire Zone, together with necessary protection equipment.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 2 day tour
Price: $200

The two-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone opens for you the door to this unique place. In this short time, you will get not only the tour around Chernobyl nuclear power plant and Pripyat town, but also the exclusive experience to spend the night in an empty town. This is definitely the deepest dive into the history of the drastic disaster.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 3 day tour
Price: $250

The three-day program includes a huge amount of sites to visit. Professional guides will explain the reasons and chronology of events that were happening during the most dreadful nuclear disaster in the world’s history. The real-based stories told by the guide will give you the shivers, so tragic they are. You will relieve the events of that dreadful night of explosion together with the ex-residents of Pripyat town.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 4 day tour
Price: $300

This four-day trip makes it easier for you to get permission to enter the Extinction Zone, because we take care of official confirmations. Besides, we provide you will all the necessary protection. It is vital while traveling these, since the complete decay of the last radioactive element in the contaminated areas (plutonium-239) to the state of natural material will occur in 26486, or 24,500 years after the explosion.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 5 day tour
Price: $350

Nothing is better than planning a five-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone! We offer you the opportunity to learn the most important facts about the night of the tragedy, alongside fascinating myths and legends about the place. Following the stories of your guides, you will have the chance to wander around the ghost towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Don’t miss out on the occasion to hang around the streets and locations from the world-renowned series!

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 6 day tour
Price: $400

This six-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone will open the Zone to you with top-secret information from our guides. During these six days, you will get the opportunity to explore the ghost towns of Pripyat and Chernobyl by yourself and it is not a secret that the Exclusion Zone has a lot of fascinating places.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl Private Tour
Price: $800

Private Chernobyl Tour is the opportunity to communicate with the experienced guide rather than simply listen to his or her story. You can ask questions about precise topics that interest you. Moreover, you can determine how much time you want to be in one location or another, arrange the photoshoot and explore the objects deeper.

  • - You choose what places to visit
  • - Visiting resettlers – people who continue living in the zone
  • - Yacht club in Pripyat
  • - Pripyat cemetery
  • - Any locations from 1-6 days tours
Full info