Pripyat Piano Shop 2

Piano Shop in Pripyat

Piano Shop in Pripyat Piano was one of the most popular music instruments in the Soviet Union. Playing piano was among basic cultural skills of the citizen of the Soviet Union. However, attending music schools wasn’t free of charge, so not every family could afford it. Having piano at home…

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Krasne Village

Krasne Village in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Krasne village is located on the left bank of Pripyat River, close to the border with Belarus. One of the meanings of Ukrainian word “krasne” is nice and beautiful. The village had neat streets and lovely architecture; that is why it was given such…

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Pripyat Hospital

Hospital 126 is a complex of several buildings in the district no.1 in Pripyat. It was the only hospital in the city so that was supposed to have professionals able to work with all kinds of health issues. It included a polyclinic, hospital, maternity hospital, infectious disease ward, maternity ward,…

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Kopachi Tractor Farm

Tractor Farm in Kopachi Each village in the Soviet Union had a collective farm. The area around Chernobyl power plant is full of fields and farms. In the village of Kopachi there also was a tractor farm. The majority of the equipment was evacuated after the accident and the rest…

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Fire Station in Chernobyl

Chernobyl Fire Station When the accident at Chernobyl power plant happened, everybody thought that it wasn’t more than fire on the roof. The firefighters were called into action. The first ones came from Chernobyl power plant fire station; a bit later, colleagues from Pripyat and Chernobyl town arrived too. During…

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Mosaics Along the Main Avenue in Pripyat

Mosaics in Pripyat Mosaics on the buildings on Lenin Avenue in Pripyat were made by one of the most popular and outstanding Ukrainian monumental artists Ivan Lytovchenko (1921-1996). Since 1974 and till the day of the accident, Lytovchenko used to be the main artist of the city, and these years…

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House in Leviv Village

Leliv Village

Leliv Village in Chernobyl Zone Leliv village is located in the Southern part of the 10 km zone and at the same time close to Chernobyl town. Before the accident of 1986, more than 1,200 people used to live there. All of them were evacuated in the beginning of May,…

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+ Chernobyl NPP Tour
Price: $149

Chernobyl nuclear power plant tours have become a popular tourist destination due to the apocalyptic looks of the area and the atmosphere of silence.


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+ Pripyat Tour
Price: $149

Pripyat has become extremely popular tourist destination, and many choose to book tours to Pripyat to see the town with their own eyes.

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+ Chernobyl HBO series Tour
Price: $180

We have created a special tour for visitors called “HBO Chernobyl” with the locations from the movie.

  • - The fire station (the place from where the first firemen went to liquidate the fire)
  • - The legendary Bridge of Death
  • - The city of Pripyat, where almost all the places from the movie can be visited
  • - Nuclear Power Plant
  • - Listen to the true stories about the explosion
  • - Visit left homes
  • - Walk through the town and feel the atmosphere of Chernobyl itself
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+ Chernobyl 1 day tour
Price: $150

The one-day trip gives you the opportunity to immerse into the exact same area where the most dreadful disaster took place. The radiation background is still excessively high in some places, but we offer you a safe route through this dire Zone, together with necessary protection equipment.

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+ Chernobyl 2 day tour
Price: $200

The two-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone opens for you the door to this unique place. In this short time, you will get not only the tour around Chernobyl nuclear power plant and Pripyat town, but also the exclusive experience to spend the night in an empty town. This is definitely the deepest dive into the history of the drastic disaster.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 3 day tour
Price: $250

The three-day program includes a huge amount of sites to visit. Professional guides will explain the reasons and chronology of events that were happening during the most dreadful nuclear disaster in the world’s history. The real-based stories told by the guide will give you the shivers, so tragic they are. You will relieve the events of that dreadful night of explosion together with the ex-residents of Pripyat town.

Locations: Full info
+ Chernobyl 4 day tour
Price: $300

This four-day trip makes it easier for you to get permission to enter the Extinction Zone, because we take care of official confirmations. Besides, we provide you will all the necessary protection. It is vital while traveling these, since the complete decay of the last radioactive element in the contaminated areas (plutonium-239) to the state of natural material will occur in 26486, or 24,500 years after the explosion.

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+ Chernobyl 5 day tour
Price: $350

Nothing is better than planning a five-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone! We offer you the opportunity to learn the most important facts about the night of the tragedy, alongside fascinating myths and legends about the place. Following the stories of your guides, you will have the chance to wander around the ghost towns of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Don’t miss out on the occasion to hang around the streets and locations from the world-renowned series!

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+ Chernobyl 6 day tour
Price: $400

This six-day trip to the Chernobyl Zone will open the Zone to you with top-secret information from our guides. During these six days, you will get the opportunity to explore the ghost towns of Pripyat and Chernobyl by yourself and it is not a secret that the Exclusion Zone has a lot of fascinating places.

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