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White House in Pripyat

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 “White House” is located on the corner of Kurchatova Street and Lenin Avenue. Name to this building was given as a joke. On one hand, it was made from white bricks. On the other, top managers of Chernobyl power plant (including the director Victor Briukhanov) and party and civil leaders lived. The building was considered “elite” as long as it is located in the very heart of the city and the main square with its administration, hotel and palace of culture is seen from the windows.

On the first floor, there was a shop “Raduga”. Radio goods, household stuff, auto parts, stationery etc were sold there.

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What is the White House in Pripyat?

The White House in Pripyat is an abandoned residential building located within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Pripyat, Ukraine. It is not to be confused with the White House in the United States. The building was once home to residents of the city, who were forced to evacuate after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.
Why is it called the White House? The building is commonly known as the White House due to its distinctive white exterior, which stands out among the other buildings in the area.

What happened to the residents of the White House in Pripyat?

Following the Chernobyl disaster, the residents of Pripyat, including those living in the White House, were evacuated from the city. Many of them were relocated to new towns and cities, where they had to rebuild their lives.

What is the current condition of the White House in Pripyat?

The White House, like many buildings in Pripyat, has been abandoned since the evacuation in 1986. The structure has deteriorated over time, and vegetation has started to overgrow the building. It stands as a poignant reminder of the Chernobyl disaster and the lives that were affected by it.

How can I take photographs of the White House in Pripyat?

When visiting the White House in Pripyat as part of a guided tour, you will have the opportunity to take photographs of the building from various vantage points. Be sure to follow your guide’s instructions and respect any safety guidelines or restricted areas.

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