Leliv Village in Chernobyl Zone

Leliv village is located in the Southern part of the 10 km zone and at the same time close to Chernobyl town. Before the accident of 1986, more than 1,200 people used to live there. All of them were evacuated in the beginning of May, 1986 to one of the villages of Kyiv region. Leliv was never re-inhabited because of high level of contamination. 

House in Leviv Village

First information about the village in the written sources is dated by 1648. However, archeological works revealed that there was an ancient settlement there in XII-XII centuries. During the excavation, pieces of the clay plates were found there. Today, as the evidence from that period, huge shafts (up to two meters high) and deep trenches can be found around the village of Leliv.

Close to the village, there is a checkpoint “Leliv”: this is the entrance to the 10 km zone. Also, on the territory of the village there is biological burial site. During the evacuation, people were not allowed to take their pets with them. The animals from many farms (in particular, from the 10 km zone) were not evacuated neither. Later, liquidators had to shoot them and to burry in special sites. There are three biological burial sites in Chernobyl exclusion zone, and one of them in located in the village of Leliv.

Leliv used to be one of the best well-preserved villages of Chernobyl zone. There was a school, kindergarten, shop, hospital, post office, library and some private houses. Unfortunately, during the forest fires in April, 2020, the majority of the buildings in the village burned to ashes. Only the central part with the school, kindergarten and post office survived.

As long as the village is located aside from the main road and surrounded with forests, many animals found their home there. When visiting Leliv, you can see the footprints of Przhevalski horses, reindeer and even moose there. 

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